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Diamond Earring Jackets and Heart Jackets

Want to accessorize your diamond stud earrings? Make them look larger? Give them a makeover or a new life? Just add a set of diamond earring jackets. Jackets can dress up and add new versatility and excitement to your favorite diamond stud earrings. The earring post fits through a loop or hole in the center of the earring jacket and adds a new background or dangle to the stud’s central stone, giving it a fresh new look. You may want a bit of a dangle or drop to add visual movement to your diamond studs and give them a trendier or more hip look. Or you could add a particular jacket shape that will frame and emphasize the central stone in your stud earrings and create an entirely new fashion statement. Earring jackets can be set with stones other than diamonds to add contrast and color to the central diamond, or they can be filigree and even incorporate different metals as accents. Your possibilities are unlimited.

Browse the selection of exciting and beautiful earring jackets on our site to get an idea of the almost endless possibilities. You’ll find bezel drops, diamond jackets and hearts jackets. Or, if you like, we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom earring jacket that perfectly fits your taste and mood. Just give us a call.

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