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  1. Bliss 5 stone
    Bliss 5 stone
  2. Open Gallery 5 stone
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    Open Gallery 5 stone
  3. Five Stone Trellis Band II
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    Five Stone Trellis Band II
  4. Five Stone Shared Prong
    Five Stone Shared Prong
  5. Classic 5 Stone
    Classic 5 Stone
  6. Sally
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  7. Nightingale

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Five Stone Rings, Anniversary Bands and Settings

5 stone rings create a sparkling design that offers a huge variety of beautiful aesthetics due to the creative possibilities the five individual stones open up. Engagement rings have been around since 1477, when Marie of Burgundy was given one by Archduke Maximilian I of Austria on their wedding. It was believed that a diamond's brilliance was reflective of the burning fire of love. That led to the natural extension that five diamonds - or stones - would intensify that burning five-fold.

Today's five stone rings have reached a level of perfection in design that is stunning to the eye. Top diamond cutters and designers, such as Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds, have woven five breathtaking stones into the framework of truly unique ring designs.

What to Look for in a 5 Stone Ring

When looking into purchasing a design as extravagant as a five stone ring, it is important to not lose sight of the importance of the quality of the individual stones. Because there are 5 stones, this doesn't mean that the overall effect will automatically be dazzling. Each stone should be of quality cut and clarity to produce that truly breathtaking look.

Brian Gavin's "Five Stone Shared Prong" ring is a good example of one that accentuates quality stones. The eternity band design offers the individual stones the opportunity to radiate their brilliance. The ability to have the band in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum also allows for personalization of the ring, all the while allowing the stones to be the true stars.

5 Stone Ring Originality

A common misperception about 5 stone rings is that the bands are simplistic due to the demands of carrying five stones. If the creator of the design is skillful enough, nothing could be further from the truth.

Once again, highlighting a Brian Gavin design, one need only to take a look at their Sally 5 stone ring. While the stones remain the stars of the show, this ring features a band that makes the supporting cast legendary. A ring of this design opens up almost endless possibilities for originality, completely demolishing the idea that a five stone setting has to be pedestrian.

5 Stone Rings Will Always be Superstars

In some instances, the numbers truly don't lie. This is very much the case with five stone ring designs; this healthy number of exquisite stones guarantees a ring that is simply breathtaking. As long as your 5 stone ring comes from someone who offers only the finest cuts of diamonds and gemstones, these rings are a sure-fire can't miss.

To get more of a feel for just how dazzling five stone rings can be, stop by briangavindiamonds.com and take a look at the above mentioned designs, as well as the Open Gallery 5 Stone Diamond Ring, the Nightingale Diamond Eternity Band and the 5 Stone Trellis Diamond Band. Match any of these designs with the brilliant cut diamonds available at Brian Gavin Diamonds and you will understand why these rings do, indeed, offer five times the burning fire of love.

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